FAQ – Pressure Washing Services in Marlton, NJ & Burlington County, NJ
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Why choose Garden State Pressure Washers?Get permalink

Garden State Pressure Washers offers prices that are reasonable and affordable. We are professional, dependable and efficient in all aspects of our business. Our main goal is to assure you, the customer, are satisfied with our service. We strive to build a long term relationship with all of our customers and hope they will feel free to call us with all of their pressure washing / power washing needs. We stand behind our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

How long will it take to power/pressure wash my home?Get permalink

The time will obviously vary depending on the scale of the property and degree of work. Most homes will range between 2 - 5 hours. For store fronts and walkways 1 - 3 hours.

Is Garden State Pressure Washers Fully Insured?Get permalink

Yes, we are fully insured and licensed.

Are your cleaning detergents safe to be used around my property?Get permalink

All our chemicals are EPA regulated to be safe for people, plants, and animals.

My Deck seems faded, black or green, Can I restore it or do I replace it?Get permalink

Restore it! You will be surprised at the results of a scrub and washing service. For your convenience, we are partnered with painters to offer staining / painting options if you choose to do so.

How often should my house/business be cleaned?Get permalink

Properties typically are due to be cleaned every other year. Some instances however, such as nearby trees, shade, and bushes, will promote more growth and require an annual service.

What Is the difference between Power and Pressure Washing?Get permalink

Pressure Washing is a type of cleaning that is effective using high pressure (PSI). Hard surfaces respond well to this type or cleaning. Power Washing is a type of cleaning that is effective using chemicals, also known as “soft washing”. Power washing is used on more delicate surfaces such as roofs. Our experts know when and where to use each type of cleaning.

What is Soft Washing?Get permalink

Soft Washing (i.e. cleaning with chemicals) is a method for cleaning exteriors. It is also referred to as Power Washing. It's safer than blasting away with high pressure, and it will do a better job at cleaning the surfaces.

Do I need to be home when you're performing my cleaning services?Get permalink

No. If/when an agreement is made during the initial estimate, we collect your signature which acknowledges the agreement; job description, total price, and anticipated start date. The job is only complete when the service has been evaluated and signed off on under the 100% satisfaction guarantee. That means you will have plenty to time to review everything before paying.

What is the 100% satisfaction guarantee?Get permalink

This guarantee is what we pride ourselves on. If for any reason you are not happy with an outcome, we WILL come back free of charge to fix it. Your full satisfaction is our top priority.

Do you offer discounts?Get permalink

Yes! Please follow our facebook page for frequent offers and check out the coupon tab on our website.

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