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Dumpster Pad Pressure Washing Services

Now this might be the number one overlooked thing for a business. Why would anyone care about the appearance of their trash area, it is for garbage overall right? Well let’s keep in mind this is a part of your business. The odors, insects or rodents are a representation of the business. Dirty areas are also a liability for accidents for slipping hazards in grease and other substances.

These messes can be a real challenge to clean...

Grease sticks to the concrete and will not be brushed away. Not only do we know how to cleanse the area from these slippery surfaces we also make sure the area is deodorized and sanitized so it does not look neglected. We help to minimize health and safety risks to provide a well maintained work environment.

Business owners can be at ease when they call Garden State Pressure Washers. Let us be the company who makes yours stand out from the rest. Avoid safety and health issues in the future and the hassles that go with them. We work at your convenience; overnight/Sunday services are available. Please ask about our annual service program to save both time and money!

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